Học tiếng anh là một việc không hề dễ dàng, đặc biệt là vấn đề ghi nhớ từ vựng, không phải ai cũng có một trí nhớ tốt để ghi nhớ từ vựng nhanh và hiệu quả.Hầu hết các bạn đều rất ngán ngẩm khi phải học, phải nhớ rất nhiều từ vựng tiếng Anh. Các bạn học theo cách viết từ học tiếng Anh mới rồi viết nghĩa ra, nhưng bạn chỉ nhớ được vài hôm đó nhưng đến tháng sau hay tuần sau là bạn đã quên gần hết. Bài viết này, chúng tôi sẽ đưa ra những lời khuyên giúp bạn nhớ lâu từ vựng rất hiệu quả. Để ghi nhớ từ vựng tiếng anh hiệu quả, làm bài tập tiếng anh là một trong những phương pháp được xem là hiệu quả nhất. Dưới đây là một số bài tập trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh để các bạn kiểm tra xem trình độ tiếng Anh của mình đang ở mức nào, lượng từ vựng tiếng Anh mình đang nắm có phong phú hay không? Ngoài ra, Sách ngoại ngữ MCbooks đang có rất nhiều đầu sách cho các bạn có thể tham khảo xem và nâng cao vốn từ của mình.Các bạn có thể tham khảo để luyện tập nhiều hơn từ đó ghi nhớ tốt hơn.

1. The house was burgled while the family was in a card game.

A. buried B. busy C. absorbed D. helping

2. I am sorry that I can’t your invitation.

A. take B. except C. agree D. accept

3. what he says, he wasn’t even there when the crime was committed.

A. Following B. According to C. Hearing D. meaning

4. he has impressed his employers considerably and he is soon to be promoted.

A. nevertheless B. accordingly C. yet D. eventually

5. He gave his listeners a vivid of his journey through Peru.

A. account B. tale C. communication D. plot

6. Will you be taking my precious experience into when you fix my salary?

A. possession B. account C. mind D. scale

7. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and him of speeding.

A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. arrested

8. His stomach began to because of the bad food he had eaten.

A. pain B. harm C. be hurt D. ache

9. If you money to mine, we shall have enough.

A. add B. combine C. unite D. bank

10. he was full of for her bravery.

A. energy B. admiration C. surprise D. pride

11. This ticket one person to the show.

A. permits B. enters C. delivers D. admits

12. The cow had lost its own calf. but the farmer persuaded it to one whose mother had died.

A. choose B. adopt C. undertake D. collect

13. If we the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be successful.

A. elect B. command C. vote D. adopt

14. Science has made great during the past 30 years.

A. motions B. advances C. advantages D. opportunities

15. He was a much older tennis player but he had the great of experience.

A. advantage B. deal C. value D. profit

16. I had quite on my way to work this morning.

A. an experiment B. an adventure C. a happening D. an affair

17. He always studies the in the paper as he wants to find a good second-hand car.

A. advertisements B. publicity C. announcements D. publication

18. On my present salary, I just can’t a car which costs over $3.000.

A. pretend B. elect C. afford D. adopt

19. The girl’s father to buy her a car if she passed her examination.

A. admitted B. accepted C. agreed D. approved

20. They are twins and look very .

A. alike B. same C. likely D. identical

21. As a result of their the three small independent countries felt less afraid of their powerful neighbour.

A. combination B. alliance C. partnership D. union

22. When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly towards his expenses.

A. salary B. permission C. allowance D. wage

23. Is anyone to fish in this river?

A. borne B. allowed C. admitted D. passed

24. His had always been to become an architect.

A. study B. ambition C. imagination D. direction

25. The of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer months.

A. account B. amount C. number D. size

26. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake. it is necessary to be given an as quickly as possible.

A. analgesic B. antibiotic C. antiseptic D. antidote

27. I’ m to get the tickets for the show today, as there are hardly any left.

A. worried B. curious C. anxious D. troubled

28. The child was told to for being rude to his uncle.

A. excuse B. apologize C. punish D. confess

29. He is a very old man but in fact he is only fifty.

A. apparently B. evidently C. obviously D. actually

30. As a result of the radio for help for the earthquake victims, over a million pounds has been raised.

A. appeal B. call C. programme D. advertisement

31. Let me know if any difficulties .

A. arise B. come C. rise D. happen

32. Could you please an appointment for me to see Mr. Smith?

A. manage B. arrange C. take D. have

33. The police her for helping the murderer to escape.

A. caught B. searched C. brought D. arrested

34. When John in London he went to see the Houses of Parliament.

A. came B. reached C. arrived D. got

35. I read an interesting in a newspaper about farming today.

A. article B. advertisement C. composition D. explanation

36. Students are expected to their classes regularly.

A. assist B. frequent C. attend D. present

37. Before you sign anything important, pay careful to all the conditions.

A. notice B. attention C. regards D. reference

38. In the central region the dry season is long and severe, and the annual rainfall is only about 70 cm.

A. refreshing B. general C. average D. greatest

39. The bicycle was moving so fast that its rider could not an accident.

A. leave B. avoid C. miss D. overtake

40. As soon as the children were , their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom.

A. woke B. wake C. awake D. waken

41. This is not big enough to cut down a tree.

A. axe B. hammer C. screw D. knife

42. In the market, the merchants and joked with their friends and neighbours.

A. bargained B. gardened C. bearded D. changed

43. He couldn’t the thought of leaving his home town for ever.

A. think B. bear C. carry D. hold

44. The room was so quiet that she could hear the of her heart.

A. beating B. tapping C. knocking D. striking

45. Through a mixture of greed and intelligence, he has the biggest landowner in the whole district.

A. grown B. developed C. become D. increased

46. The damage done to my house by the fire has now .

A. done good B. been made good C. made me good D. been for good

47. The children will not be allowed to come with us if they don’t themselves better.

A. direct B. behave C. declare D. compose

48. He has adopted three orphans his own six children so that, all together, he has nine children to provide for.

A. besides B. except C. beside D. in place of

49. The two scientists disagreed and a argument developed.

A. wet B. bitter C. salty D. sour

50. The weather was the exceptionally poor harvest.

A. blamed for B. condemned for C. accused of D. criticized for

Trên đây là một số bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh để các bạn test xem trình độ tiếng Anh của mình đến đâu, bên canh đó các bạn có thể tham khảo các tài liệu học từ vựng tiếng Anh tại đây.

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